Dedicated to Quality

Our unique service model will provide you with access to perfectly matched, previously undiscovered candidates for your business in the Philippines!
We have a vast pool of candidates from different industries such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Legal, BPO, and Accounting that are built on referrals, job applications and successful partnerships.

Cost Effective

The fee for every hire might seem high but its way much lesser compare to the potential profit loss due to longer time on filling the vacant position

Bigger Network

Everyone can post a job but it can only connect to those who are actively looking for a Job, eliminating the 70% passive candidates. We will make your company access those passive candidates for more qualified hires.

Less Load

Recruitment is not the only facet of Human Resource, other facets can affect the skills and time to recruit effectively. With our service you can focus on other facets and leave the recruitment on to us.


Service Guarantee

If we hire the right people but immediately leave your company, we provide a one time replacement, free of charge. 

Bad Hire Protection

As we work together, the better understanding we have on your company and culture. With this, we can eliminate hiring the wrong people. 


Leave the recruiting to us so that you can focus more on your business

See what we can do for you in little over 2-minutes!

Our Services

We conduct all of the following activities as part of preliminary screening of the applicants

Checking of the applicant’s credentials

Technical and Behavioral Interview of the applicant

Qualification Exams such as Psychometric Exam,
Aptitude Test, and the like depending on the
requirements set by the client.

Job Profiling

Our Scope

We provide most trusted and highly-skilled individuals

On-THE-job trainees or interns

rank and file

executive or manager

Our Methodology

To fully assess the candidate’s qualifications objectively and unbiasedly, iCrescere uses a Scorecard. It is divided into two categories: Can-do Skills and Will-do Skills. Can-do skills are composed of Relevant Technical Expertise and Relevant Analytical & Problem Solving Skills while Will-do skills are composed
of Behavior and Personality Assessment based on our pre-defined situation-behavioral questions asked to the candidates.

Our Tools

We developed our own HR system where we log all of our clients, candidates, contacts, job orders, schedule of interview and other pertinent data.

This is to ensure that we follow a recruitment process and standards.



Suite 506 5th Floor Richville Corporate Center, 1314 Commerce Ave., Ext., Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780


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